Azure Log Analytics Agent Expires in August 31 2024

Azure Monitor's Log Analytics agent is being replaces with the new Azure Monitor Agent.

Microsoft published an article on 19 August 2021 that they are planning to retire current Azure Log analytics Agent on August 31 2024.

Before that deadline, everyone is encouraged to start using the Azure Monitor agent to manage and monitor your vms and servers.

The new Azure Monitor Agent provides these new features as :

  • Centralized configuration for multiple VMs.
  • Data limits and filters at the source.
  • Multiple destinations for data from a single agent.

Migrate to Azure Monitor:

Go to Monitor > Settings > Data Collection Rules and create new data collection rules to start collecting some of the existing data types. When you use the portal GUI, it performs the following steps on all the target resources for you:

  • Enables system-assigned managed identity
  • Installs the Azure Monitor agent extension
  • Creates and deploys data collection rule associations

Please follow this documentation Migrate from legacy agents to the new Azure Monitor agent – Azure Monitor | Microsoft Docs


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